Moti Fotos ~ Susi Perla- Mendoza







Susi Perla

Moti Fotos ~ Susi Perla- Mendoza

Miami , FL


I am an up and coming photographer born in Munich, Germany, currently residing in Miami Beach, USA. Following into my parents’ steps, I have studied photography from an early age, inheriting my first SLR in primary school. My first experiments in photography showed a keen attention to abstract and obscured details of my world.

My photographic work in my teens and early twenties included extensive travel photography, while I back-packed through most of Europe, visiting my roots in South America, and adventured all the way to China. Some of my most remarkable architecture and graffiti images of decayed Berlin and spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower now form part of my fine art portfolio. I covered as an accredited professional photojournalist the World Championship of Rugby in France in 2007, and other sporting events, on assignment for AMEX’s Mexican magazine. I also collaborated with images as a freelance photographer to many international lifestyle magazines, and continue to do so covering fashion, music and sporting events.

My influence comes from artists like Pierre-August Renoir, and Leonardo Da Vinci. My style as I call it is “acid impressionism”. Acid because of the colors I use and impressionist for the areas that seem out of focus. I want my photography to be seen head on or at glance.


Digeridoo on State street by Susi Perla


Frosted Waters by Susi Perla


A Haze Over Central Park by Susi Perla


Gloaming Perspective by Susi Perla


Vino Flor by Susi Perla


Screever by Susi Perla


La Dame de Fer by Susi Perla


Venus by Susi Perla


Morning Haze by Susi Perla


Too Late by Susi Perla


Toetsies by Susi Perla


Blushing Skies by Susi Perla


Tempo Uffizzi by Susi Perla


Swan Twirl by Susi Perla


Crystal Slippers by Susi Perla


Ivorian Esteem by Susi Perla


La Belle Charogne by Susi Perla


Swans in a Row by Susi Perla


Inspired Eves by Susi Perla


Upon a Time by Susi Perla


A Flutter by Susi Perla


Pearly Haze by Susi Perla


Pirouette by Susi Perla


Stark Glimpses by Susi Perla


Swan by Susi Perla